Samsung SBP-300KILOMETRES Corner Mount Dubai

Samsung SBP-300KM Corner Mount Dubai

The Samsung SBP-300KM Corner Mount Dubai attaches to select Samsung mounts to let your camera to be fixed to the corner of a building. The SBP-300KM by Samsung Dubai is a corner mount adapter for use with SBP-300WM. This adapter by Samsung Dubai is made of aluminum and is available in ivory.


SamsungSBP-300KILOMETRES Corner Mount


The SamsungSBP-300KILOMETRES Corner Mount Dubaiconnects to pick Samsung positions to allow your camera to become planned the corner from a property. The SBP-300KILOMETRES through Samsung Dubai is actually a corner mount adapter for usage along with SBP-300WM. This adapter through Samsung Dubai is actually made from light weight aluminum as well as is actually on call in cream color.

The SBP-300KILOMETRES Corner Mount Adapter Dubai includes a defensive cream color appearance, which enhances sturdiness. This adapter through Samsung applies for SBP-300WM1 PTZ dome camera mount, SBP-300WM PTZ as well as dome camera wall structure mount, SBP-300B PTZ camera wall structure mount. The SBP-300KILOMETRES adapter is actually created off light weight aluminum, makings that tough to sodium as well as influence problems. A restricted 3-year service warranty is actually entailed to discard all your concerns.

SamsungSBP-300KILOMETRES Corner Mount Features:

  • Cornermount adaptor
  • Ivory
  • Aluminum building
  • 53″ W x 7.20″ H x 3.94″ D
  • 85Lbs. (2.20kilograms)
  • Ivory appearance
  • Limited three-year service warranty
  • Applicable for:
  • SBP-300WM1 PTZ/ dome camera mount
  • o SBP-300WM PTZ/ dome camera wall structure mount
  • o SBP-300B PTZ camera wall structure mount


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