Samsung SRD-493P Real Time DVR Dubai

Samsung SRD-493P Real Time DVR Dubai

The Samsung SRD-493P Real Time DVR Dubai is featured with 1TB from Samsung Hanwha is a 4 channel 1080p analog HD digital video recorder, delivers excellent image quality and multitude of user-friendly functions. The HD+ DVRs Series is Samsung Hanwha complete analog 1080p HD analog solution.


SamsungSRD-493P Real Time DVR


The SamsungSRD-493P Real Time DVR Dubaiis actually showcased along with 1TB coming from Samsung Hanwha is actually a 4 stations 1080 p analog HD electronic video recording recorder, provides outstanding photo high quality as well as myriad from uncomplicated features. The HD+ DVRs Series is actually Samsung Hanwha full analog 1080 p HD analog option.

The Samsung SRD-493P Dubai HD DVR provides impressive photo high quality nonetheless, making use of approximately 4ch for huge security body help. This DVR through Samsung Dubai features HDMI as well as VGA ouptuts, sturdy 1080 p/720p audio, as well as input/output for sound. If you possess an Android or even Apple phone, you may from another location access the DVR’s audios. The SRD-493P Dubai DVR utilizes H.264video recording inscribing for 4 stations inputs as well as G.711audio inscribing for 4 stations while instantly assists hard disk audio as well as playback. The SRD-493P Dubai DVR likewise assists system connection, offered that distant tracking coming from a remote control COMPUTER transmitting video recording as well as sound records.

SamsungSRD-493P Real Time DVR Features:

  • 4 Channel 1080 p real-time AHD DVR
  • Up to 120/100(1080p) fps tape-recording price
  • HDMI/ VGA video recording result
  • 1CH Audio input/ 1CH audio result
  • 1 interior HDD
  • Coaxial management (SamsungT/E, Pelco-C, ACP)
  • Smart phone help (Android, iphone)
  • Enhanced system data transfer approximately 32 Mbps


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