Samsung SBP-300CENTIMETERS Ceiling Mount Adapter Dubai

Samsung SBP-300CM Ceiling Mount Adapter Dubai

The Samsung SBP-300CM Ceiling Mount Adapter Dubai attaches to compatible Samsung cameras and lets your camera to be fixed to a ceiling. This mount adapter by Samsung Dubai has a 1.5″ female thread for compatibility with select mounts and camera housings.


SamsungSBP-300CENTIMETERS Ceiling Mount Adapter

The SamsungSBP-300CENTIMETERS Ceiling Mount Adapter Dubaiaffixes to suitable Samsung cams and also allows your camera to become planned a ceiling. This mount adapter through Samsung Dubai possesses a 1.5″ women string for being compatible along with pick positions and also camera casings. The Samsung SBP-300CENTIMETERS Dubai is actually a camera mount extra for make use of along with PTZ camera manners. This pendant extra comes in a cream color coating and also is actually crafted from the very same sturdy light weight aluminum as the Samsung PTZ camera manners and also extras. The pendant extra through Samsung Dubai is actually 12″ in size and also makes use of 1.5″ women strings.

The SBP-300CENTIMETERS Ceiling Mount Adapter through Samsung Dubai assists the clever dome and also vandal-resistant cams. This SBP-300CENTIMETERS adapter aids in placing the dome camera on a sound ceiling. The SBP-300CENTIMETERS device pertains for each inside and also outside make use of, that makes that very helpful. This SBP-300CENTIMETERS extra likewise includes a 1.5″ women string, and also comes up to 12″ in size.

SamsungSBP-300CENTIMETERS Ceiling Mount Adapter Features:

  • Ceilingmount adapter
  • Indoor/ outside make use of
  • 5″ women string
  • 12″ size
  • 12″ x 12.03″
  • 69Ounces. (70000g)
  • Ivory coating
  • Available for dome cams
  • Network/Analog cams
  • Pendant mount
  • Ivory


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