Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Dubai


SamsungSBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount

The SamsungSBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Dubaiadd-on constructed from light weight aluminum and also accessible in cream color. This add-on through Samsung Dubai makes use of 1 1/2″ women strings. The SBP-300WM0 through Samsung is actually a Wall Mount Accessory, (SCD-3083/3082E/3081, SCD-3080/2082/2081, SCD-2080R/2080E/2080, SCD-2060E/2042R/2040, SCD-2022R/2022/2021, SND-7061/7011, SCD-2020R/2020, SND-5061/5011, SND-2010/1080/1011and also SUD-3080/2080).

Surveillance is actually currently maded simple with help from the Samsung SBP-300WM0 PTZ Wall Mount BaseDubai This SBP-300WM0 mount is actually constructed from light weight aluminum and also SECC, which certainly not simply produces that extremely solid, yet additionally includes protection to sodium and also effect loss that could take place over a stretch an opportunity. The SBP-300WM0 mount is actually developed for make use of along with the Samsung PTZ dome installs SBP-300WM1 and also SBP-300WM. This add-on showcases a cream color appearance.

SamsungSBP-300WM0 PTZ Dome Wall Mount Features:

  • Aluminum, SECC building and construction
  • 72″ W x 7.52″ H x 1.38″ D
  • 54Lbs. (700g)
  • Ivory shade
  • Compatibility
  • SCD-5030
  • SCD-5020
  • SCD-3083
  • SCD-5030
  • SCD-3082E
  • SCD-3081
  • SCD-3080
  • SCD-2081
  • SCD-2080R
  • SCD-2080E
  • SCD-2080
  • SCD-2022R
  • SCD-2022
  • SCD-2020R
  • SCD-2020
  • SND-5061
  • SND-5011
  • all SNO electronic cameras


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