SAMSUNG SCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai

SAMSUNG SCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai

The SAMSUNG SCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai is an HD Camera with 1000TVL. This Dome Camera is perfect for day and night users, as it provides color and High-resolution quality image. The SCD-5020P has built-in fixed lens of 6mm which provides HD image quality in dim light also.


SAMSUNGSCD-5020P Dome Camera


The SAMSUNGSCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai is actually an HD Camera along with 1000 TVL. This Dome Camera through Samsung is actually best for continuously individuals, as that provides shade as well as High-resolution high quality photo. The SCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai has actually integrated corrected lense from 6mm which gives HD photo high quality in dark illumination likewise.

The SAMSUNGSCD-5020P Dome Camera Dubai high-performance W7 Chip clears away sounds from GAIN coming from the reduced mild degree as well as presents an intense, HD video recording also at night area. The SCD-5020P Dubai camera possesses a functionality that immediately decides on the method that agrees with for daytime or even night-time problems. The COLOR method functions in daytime situations to deliver optimal different colors, as well as B/W method functions in night-time situations to cultivate the interpretation from the photo. If an item possesses a significant variation in between brilliant as well as dark places, the SCD5020P will certainly maintain brilliant places brilliant as well as help make picked dark places brilliant, to make sure that the general illumination may be kept.

SAMSUNGSCD-5020P Dome Camera Features:

  • High settlement from 1000 TELEVISION product lines (Color), 1000 TELEVISION product lines (B/W)
  • lighting [email protected], 50 IRE, [email protected], 30 IRE
  • Built-in corrected lense (3.6 mm)
  • SSDR, SSNRIV, Defog
  • Coax: Pelco-C (Coaxitron), 12 V DC
  • * Replaces the terminated SCD-2022


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