Samsung SLA-3850DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai

Samsung SLA-3850DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai

The Samsung SLA-3850DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai has a focal length of 3.5-8mm. The Auto Iris feature is creates steady video signals and adjusts the camera to varying light levels. Focus and zoom are manually controlled.


SamsungSLA-3850DN CS-mount Varifocal Lens

The SamsungSLA-3580DN CS-Mount Vari-Focal Lens Dubaiaffirms your monitoring criteria are actually handled properly. This lens through Samsung Dubai possesses a central size from 3.5-8mm, as well as a position series of f/1.4 to f/360, which offers top quality graphics as well as greatest functionality. A suited environment management could be made use of to change the zoom quantity in the selection from perspective. The Auto iris attribute of the SLA-3580DN camera is actually very pliable in making reputable video recording indicators as that could aid the camera to change swapping lightweight degrees.

The Samsung CS-Mount 3.5 to 8mm Varifocal Lens Dubai could be signed up with to a camera along with a 1/3-inch CCD picture sensing unit to have perk from its own 3.5 to 8mm central size as well as f/1.0 to 360 entire selections. The lens’s automobile eye is actually extremely pliable in producing consistent video recording indicators as that could aid the SLA-3580DN camera to adapt to remarkably altering mild degrees. The emphasis as well as zoom are actually personally handled permitting customers to change the zoom total up to properly just what they really want in the lens’s series of area, as well as in the event that from camera substitute, that performs certainly not require the acquisition from a brand new lens.

SamsungSLA-3580DN CS-Mount Vari-Focal Lens Features:

  • 0
  • Vari-focal 3.5 ~ 8mm/ 0.14″ ~ 0.31″
  • Focal size from 3.5-8mm
  • Aperture selection – f/1.4 to f/360
  • DC Auto Iris
  • Manually regulated emphasis as well as zoom
  • CS-mount
  • Video input sign
  • Front Ø175 mm
  • Rear Ø8.8 mm
  • 4-142 mm back central size
  • 53″ Wx 1.77″ H x 1.78″ D
  • 125Lbs. (57g)
  • Diagonal: 101.7 – 44.3 °
  • Horizontal:807-354 °
  • Vertical:60-265 °


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