Samsung SLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens Dubai

Samsung SLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens Dubai

The Samsung SLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens Dubai CS-mount Lens has a focal length of 2.8 ~ 9mm, and is considered to be used with 1/2.8″, 3Megapixel sensor. The Auto Iris feature generates regular video signals and helps the camera to adjust to moving light levels.


SamsungSLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens


The SamsungSLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens DubaiCS-mount Lens possesses a central duration from 2.8 ~ 9mm, as well as is actually taken into consideration to become made use of along with 1/2.8 ″, 3Megapixel sensing unit. The CS-Mount 2.8-9mm Varifocal Lens off Samsung Dubai includes a 3MP 1/2.8- in CCD sensing unit to record high-grade video clip. The Samsung SLA-M2890DN lens possesses a different f/1.2 opening up for brighter video clip as well as photos. This DC lens through Samsung Dubai possesses an automotive eye feature concentrated through a Galvanometer as well as includes an integrated ND filter. The SLA-M2890DN lens is actually created at crisp, sharp photos as well as take in precision under also negative lighting fixtures atmospheres. The eye auto-close feature always keeps photos as well as visual filters off excellent highlights when the electrical power gets out.

SamsungSLA-M2890DN Varifocal Lens Features:

  • 2 DC style automotive eye
  • Varifocal2.8 ~ 9mm/ 0.11″ ~ 0.35″
  • 3MP 1/2.8″ CCD sensing unit
  • 8-9mm central duration
  • Built-in ND filter as well as eye through Galvanometer
  • 52mm back central duration in sky


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