Samsung SPC-200Zoom and OSD controller Dubai

Samsung SPC-200 Zoom and OSD Controller Dubai

The Samsung SPC-200 Zoom and OSD controller Dubai is an optional accessory that attaches to cameras through com port. This controller lets user to control the on-screen menu display. The Samsun SPC-200 is compatible with IR cameras, zoom cameras, and select dome cameras.


SamsungSPC-200Zoom and OSD Controller

The SamsungSPC-200Zoom and OSD controller Dubaiis actually an optionally available device that connects to cams with com slot. This controller through Samsung allows customer to handle the on-screen food selection display screen. The SamsungSPC-200Dubai works along with IR cams, zoom cams, and pick dome cams. The Samsung Mini Handheld PTZ Controller Dubai is actually a portable 3D joystick controller for camera arrangement, and handles the pot, tilt, and zoom activities from cams. Swift and quick and easy installation permits quickly arrangement, and boosted body being compatible verifies smooth procedure.

SamsungSPC-200Zoom and OSD Controller Features:

  • Handheld 3D Joystick Controller for camera create
  • Controls pot, slant, and zoom procedures from cams
  • Allows swift arrangement with easy and quick and easy installation
  • Ensures smooth procedure through boosted body being compatible


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