Samsung SPC-6000System Controller Dubai

Samsung SPC-6000 System Controller Dubai


The Samsung SPC-6000 System Controller Dubai is an ergonomically designed system controller for DVRs and individual PTZ dome cameras. It can be used in combination with 16 extra Samsung SPC-6000 units providing flexible expansion up to very big systems. The controller comes with a built-in 5-inch color LCD touch screen and a 3D joystick and jog shuttle which are removable and interchangeable.


SamsungSPC-6000System Controller

The SamsungSPC-6000System Controller DubaiKeyboard is actually an excellent protection remedy, created ergonomically for specialists. The computer keyboard is actually created to become made use of in electronic video recording recorders, PTZ video cameras as well as channel switchers. The SamsungSPC-6000 features an integrated 5 in LCD approach display screen. The display screen is actually created in TFT to create picture premiums like addressability as well as colour comparison. This display screen is actually a very easy means to indicate favored camera site as well as get through management components like video recording playback as well as pre-programmed management.

The monitor display screen may be picked coming from a lot of foreign languages. This controller computer keyboard provides adaptability as well as may be made use of together with 16 added SPC-6000Dubai. Easily removed 3D joystick as well as jog aircraft permit freedom action. The computer keyboard likewise showcases straightforward GUI as well as multi-protocol person. Along with a core management, around 255 PTZ domes may be regulated along with a solitary controller.

SamsungSPC-6000System Controller Features:

  • 5″ TFT contact LCD
  • Control PTZ dome video cameras, DVRs as well as source switchers
  • Centralized management from around 255 devices along with a solitary controller
  • Connect around 16 operators in a system
  • Ergonomic layout as well as simple keyboard
  • 3D joystick to handle PTZ functionality
  • Detachable joystick/jogshuttle for common make use of (right/left palm make use of)
  • Support for multi-protocol
  • User helpful GUI


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