Samsung SPD-400P Decoder Dubai

Samsung SPD-400P Decoder Dubai

The Samsung SPD-400P Decoder Dubai is a standalone 4 channel decoder which delivers Full HD 1080p video output for a single view and HD 720p for quad sight mode. It is capable to receive audio and video streams from Samsung network cameras and encoders through an Ethernet network, decode and output them in real-time through its HDMI/VGA interface.


SamsungSPD-400P Decoder


The SamsungSPD-400P Decoder Dubaiis actually a standalone 4 stations decoder which provides Full HD 1080 p video recording result for a singular viewpoint and also HD 720 p for quad view setting. This is actually competent to get sound and also video recording flows off Samsung system electronic cameras and also encoders via an Ethernet system, translate and also result all of them in real-time via its own HDMI/VGA user interface.

The Samsung SPD-400P standalone MPEG-44- CH, Video Decoder approves H.264, and also MJPEG video recording indicators off Samsung protection electronic cameras and also encoders via an Ethernet system, and also outputs all of them completely HD at a settlement from 1080 p on a singular display screen. The SPD-400P decoder reinforces the quad viewpoint setting, for that reason permitting you to check out 4 shows instantly at a settlement from as much as 720 p. You can easily additionally hook up exterior gadgets to the decoder via its own HDMI, VGA and also CVBS result slots.

SamsungSPD-400P Decoder Features:

  • 264, MPEG-4, MJPEG decoding
  • Full HD (1080p) video recording result
  • Single and also quad viewpoint
  • Sequence setting for a number of video recording resources


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