Samsung SRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Dubai

Samsung SRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Dubai

The Samsung SRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Dubai with PoE Switch is a Linux-based professional Video Recorder designed for small and medium-sized businesses, supporting 8 channels. With the storage edge of 2 SATA HDDs and one e-SATA Hard drive of 1Tb, the NVR by Samsung Dubai lets long term recording and holding.


SamsungSRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder

The SamsungSRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Dubaialong with PoE Switch is actually a Linux-based expert Video Recorder made for tiny as well as medium-sized companies, assisting 8 stations. Along with the storing upper hand from 2 SATA HDDs as well as one e-SATA Hard disk from 1Tb, the NVR through Samsung Dubai allows long-term audio as well as holding. The SRN-873SP-1TB sustains Recording Bandwidth from 64 Mbps directly audio from 8 video cameras in 2 M. This utilizes much less data transfer while supplying really good audio premium as well as graphic viewing along with the help from CIF ~ 8M settlement as well as H.264as well as MJPEG squeezing. The integrated 8 PoE plus slots permit the NVR to likewise energy PoE Internet Protocol video cameras.

The SamsungSRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Dubaicomponent allows suited tracking alternatives for tape-recorded videos over Web customer, SmartViewer, SSM, as well as iPOLis mobile phone application. The unit performs certainly not require any kind of tough installation procedure. The customer may connect the SRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder to the source of power to pick as well as link to a preferred network. At that point the create genius will certainly help over the straightforward automobile camera setup. The Samsung SRN-873SP-1TB 8CH Network Video Recorder along with PoE Switch performs certainly not require any kind of setup as well as is actually incredibly quick and easy to set up.

SamsungSRN-873SP-1TB Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Built-in PoE Network Switch: Allows video cameras to become hooked up straight to the NVR getting rid of the requirement for extra components
  • Embedded Linux Operating System: Allows customers to from another location observe, document, as well as perspective reside video feed coming from approximately 8 network video cameras
  • Storage-Interface From 2SATA Hard Drives: Allow long-lasting audio as well as recognition from video recordings along with 1TB recollection
  • External eSATA Interface: Provides smooth hookup to outside storage
  • 64Mbps Recording Bandwidth: Supports real-time Network Camera Recording from 8 video cameras in 2 M
  • HDMI as well as VGA Video Output: Offers smooth hookup to a neighborhood screen


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