Samsung SSA-M2000 Samsung Access Management Software Dubai

The Samsung SSA-M2000 Samsung Access Management Software Dubai contains all features of SAMS Basic. SAMS Pro by Samsung Dubai can control DVR and CCTV camera setting which make it easier to manage combined security system. Users can see what is happening in an interested area though managing the access.


Samsung SSA-M2000Samsung Access Management Software


The Samsung SSA-M2000Samsung Access Management Software Dubaihas all attributes from SAMS Basic. SAMS Pro through Samsung Dubai may manage DVR as well as CCTV video camera environment that make this much easier to handle mixed protection body. Consumers may find exactly what is actually occurring in a curious region though handling the accessibility.

The SSA-M2000SAMS Pro treatment system helps make information interaction to the operator as well as numerous features based upon obtained information. Through integrating units as well as treatment system, this supplies much higher protection over accessibility handling where this is actually needed, and provides additional attributes along with numerous requests. Samsung Access Management Software Pro Lite is actually the customer software program as well as carry out certainly not deliver hosting server feature.

The Samsung SSA-M2000Dubai includes from 3 system components. They are actually accessibility command administration assistance SAMS Pro, committed interaction element SAMS Communication Server Pro as well as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as the data bank storing. SAMS Pro through Samsung Dubai assists the most recent User Interface. The SSA-M2000additionally supplies bountiful tooltips which enables much easier as well as kicked back adjustment from the software program. Gadget Setting Wizard as well as prompt perspective from homes make it possible for individuals along with much easier, much faster installment as well as conīŦguration from the items.

Samsung SSA-M2000Samsung Access Management Software Features:

  • Video Surveillance Integration along with DVRs as well as Cameras
  • Supports Multiple Sites
  • Supports Multi Languages
  • Dynamic Management Function for Card Holder, I.D.
  • Graphic Maps
  • Comprehensive Access Control Reports
  • Easily Export as well as Convert Data
  • Easy Set-up Wizard
  • Balloon Help Tips to Assist Users
  • Distributed Processing
  • Supports Mass Storage Database( MS SQL)

User Defined Integrated Monitoring


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