Samsung SSA-PE1202Lift Access Control Dubai

Samsung SSA-PE1202 Lift Access Control Dubai

The Samsung SSA-PE1202 Lift Access Control Dubai can control access for up to 384 floors to let employees, residents or official visitors to use an access control card, a fingerprint reader to gain access to an exact floor of a building. By using SSA-PE12202 up to 50,000 users can be registered to use up to 4 reader devices in each lift, whereas non-volatile memory, with 20,000 event buffer volume, can store user and time schedule information in the event of a power loss.


SamsungSSA-PE1202Lift Access Control


The SamsungSSA-PE1202Lift Access Control Dubaicould control access for around 384 floors to permit laborers, people and even primary visitors to take advantage of an access control sd card, a hands printing site visitor to access to a certain floor covering off a building. Through taking advantage of SSA-PE12202around 50,000individuals can be enlisted to take in to 4 site visitor devices in each airlift, whereas non-volatile minute, alongside 20,000event flow amount, could have individual and chance schedule applicable info in the extremely unlikely occasion off an electric energy decrease.

The Samsung SSA-PE1202which includes alongside the Samsung’s SSA-P4 control panel could also associate alongside video surveillance and invader alert. That could also be in fact prepared to constrain access by means of floor covering and even by means of individual, relying on the volume of your time off opportunity and timed automaticed profile activation and even inactivation off airlift floor covering keys.

26/34little bit of Wiegand selectable, the SSA-PE1202by means of Samsung Dubai delivers realtime monitoring off airlift job access and sharp status by means of Samsung’s SAMS software application. Samsung Access Management Software allows comprehensive administration off the access control tool and could offer extensive documents on sd card manager job which can be transferred in Excel and even material kind for mixture alongside different different software program, e.g. Time & & & Attendance, ERP and even Payroll.

SamsungSSA-PE1202Lift Access Control Features:

  • 12Floors Lift Access Control Panel
  • Controls Upward to 384 Floors in a Serial Loop
  • (12floors every Panel, Expandable around 32 panels)
  • Up 50,000Users and around 20,000Event Buffers
  • Network Communication through RS-232/422/485&& &
  • TCP/IP
  • 26/34little bit of Wiegand switchable
  • Integration alongside SSA-P4xx collection Access control panel
  • Real-time monitoring off Lift access and sharp status
  • on SAMS
  • Time schedule setting by means of Floor and even I.D.
  • Support 4 Lift essential panels every each Lift
  • Remain I.D. & & & Event Data and Setting Value
  • on the occasion that off Electric Outage
  • Communication Status through LED Indicator


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