Samsung TV Dubai

samsung tv dubaiWhy a Samsung Commercial TV – Samsung TV

There was a time when a TV was a home appliance where you watch your favorite show. Back to the present day, a modern TV set has almost the same functions as a smartphone. You can surf the internet, play games, and listen to music to only name a few.

Being such a versatile device, what additional benefit could possibly offer a commercial TV that a consumer TV still doesn’t have? The answer is many benefits.

A true commercial TV like Samsung Hospitality TV line should combine the best user experience in order to make your guests feel at home but also need to offer the scalability, security, and control that the hospitality industry expects.

Better Tailored for Commercial Needs – Samsung TV

Samsung Commercial TVs in Dubai are specially designed to satisfy the higher requirements of hospitality TVs. Some unique benefit offered by Samsung Hospitality TVs are:

  • Higher brightness: unlike Samsung Home LED TV, its commercial counterpart count with a higher brightness, which in some cases can be as much as twice of its consumer TV equivalent. This feature allows using the display in direct sunlight, for example, a Samsung Hotel TV placed in the Lobby will deliver better picture quality due to its higher brightness than a normal TV.
  • Built for last: a typical Samsung UHD TV is intended to be used for few hours straight. On the other hand, a Samsung commercial TV is meant to be used all day if necessary. Glass materials, electronics, heat dissipation, all its internal components are designed with durability in mind. Think of a Hotel Lobby with a big Samsung 4k commercial TV displaying information all day. But differences don’t end there. Samsung Commercial TVs are designed to withstand higher ambient temperatures (like menu boards at restaurants), dust, grease and other elements commonly found in hospitality applications.
  • Uniform look: when you look at products like the Samsung Home LED TV or any other consumer TV one of the main buying factors is its look. Costumers want beautiful TV sets with glossy surfaces, shiny metal parts, a fashion appliance to complement their living room. However, businesses looking for a Samsung Hospitality TV have other expectations. Businesses need a uniform and sober look and depending on the application, a clean look without many distractions. Samsung Commercial TV line has many options to choose of, from medical TV sets to Hotel luxurious models.
  • Best User Experience: when it comes to connectivity your guests’ expectations will be high. Imagine them returning from a fabulous tour with a ton of photos and videos to share. Samsung Hospitality TV is the perfect solution to let your guests feel at home. Depending on the model, steaming content is very easy. And if you use a Samsung compatible tablet or smartphone the fun is even better.
  • Energy Savings: almost the entire line of Samsung Hospitality TVs deliver an optimal brightness control which translates in a high energy efficiency. Add to it the latest screen technology and the result is a lower cost of ownership.
  • Better Security: Samsung Commercial TVs comes by default with security features like lockable screens that prevent tampering, and digital rights management (DRM) encryption technology that allows you to protect content as well.
  • Better ROI: while the initial cost of Samsung Commercial TV products could be a little higher its long-term value is way better than a consumer product. The commercial TV uses better quality components which ensures years of continuous service. Also, its centralized features save you countless hours of manual work which translates into a better return on investment.

samsung commercial tv dubaiWider Array of Options with Samsung TV

Samsung  TV line in Dubai has a product for every need. No matter if you are looking for an affordable solution or a high-tech Samsung UHD with a big screen, chances are that there is a Samsung TV for you.

  • Budget-minded: Samsung has the right TV for every budget. The Standard line offers the perfect balance of functionality paired with cost-effective displays, one step ahead is the Premium line with its interactive all-in-one TVs that fits almost any hospitality application, and finally, the Luxury line which brings an unparallel UHD experience and best technology and features.
  • Screen Options: from traditional flat displays to trendy curved displays, from screen sizes ranging from small 19” to whopping 75” displays, Samsung Hospitality TVs has a screen type for every application. You will find all common screen sizes and few not as common. This brings a great flexibility for applications with tight spaces.
  • Display Resolution: no matter if you are looking for traditional 720p, full HD 1080p or high-end Samsung UHD 2160p, Samsung Hospitality TV have all options available. This means you are not restricted in the kind of content you want to deliver. From HD to 4K ultra high definition, only your imagination is the limit.
  • Features: you have a broad number of characteristics to choose from, consumer TVs SMART functionality, REACH, H Browser, b-LAN, Pro Idiom DRM, Samsung LYNK DRM and more. All these features were created with commercial applications in mind. Looking for the best time-saving functionalities? Then look no further, Samsung Commercial TV has it all.

Total Control with Samsung TV Dubai

When it comes to offering the best content management solution Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 has no rivals. REACH stands for Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality, a top performer content management system that provides a plethora of benefits for guests as well as hoteliers.

  • Customizable Interactive Program Guide: bring guests the convenience of a custom program guide adapted to their needs. Entertain your guests with the best content possible, make them feel at home with the unique in-room experience that only Samsung Hospitality TV can deliver.
  • Convenience for your Guests: transform your Samsung Hospitality TV in an information center and keep your guest informed of weather, flight schedules, billing status as well as other services as the restaurant menu, local guide, wake-up calls and more. Think of the Samsung Hotel TV as more than an appliance, it’s a convenient in-room concierge. WIth the exclusive LYNK REACH 4.0 platform, you can ensure that guests receive personalized attention during their stay as well as easy access to your on-site amenities and services.
  • Centralized Control: using REACH RF and REACH IP features you can maintain a centralized control of your SMART Samsung Hospitality TV saving hours of manual work. Keeping firmware and other TV settings updated from a single location is now a breeze with a Samsung Commercial TV.
  • Personalized GUI: using Samsung Commercial TVs you can go beyond the default graphical user interface (GUI) and provide a personalized experience to the end user. Treat guests to a warm welcome through your hotel’s customized Home menu, choose from a pre-built template or develop a new one from scratch. Extend your branding to the rooms integrating your brand message and voice to guests experience.

Extended  Warranty

Product warranty is one of the most overlooked differences between consumer and commercial TVs. First and foremost, consumer warranties will not be valid when the product is used for commercial purposes. There are many reasons for that, most of them were already mentioned. Consumer grade TVs are not intended for continuous usage or non-controlled ambients. Light and temperature conditions are not the same at home than at a restaurant, waiting room, guest room or hotel lobby.

That said, Samsung Commercial TVs warranty is also typically longer than its consumer counterparts. A two-year commercial warranty is not unusual for a commercial TV. Therefore, not only you will rest assured that you will be backed up by a warranty adapted to your needs but also for a longer period of time. On top of all that, you will count with a specialized commercial technical service familiarized with the hospitality sector needs, particularly the time factor. Summing up all these factors, a commercial warranty is a difficult deal to refuse.