Samsung SLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai

Samsung SLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai

The Samsung SLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubai has a focal length of 5-50mm (F1.8). The Auto Iris feature in this SLA-550DV is creates reliable video signals and modifies the camera to changing light levels. Focus and zoom are by hand controlled.


SamsungSLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens


The SamsungSLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens Dubaipossesses a central duration from 5-50mm (F1.8). The Auto Iris function within this SLA-550DV is actually generates dependable online video indicators and also changes the camera to altering lightweight amounts. Concentration and also zoom are actually manually managed.

The Samsung CS-Mount 5 to 50 mm Varifocal Lens Dubai may be utilized along with cams prepped along with a CS place and also a graphic sensing unit assessing 1/3-inch. The lens through Samsung Dubai showcases a 5 to 50 mm central duration for catching photos in 410 k pixel settlement. The SLA-550DV lens includes a ND filter and also automotive eye feature assisted through a galvanometer. Along with self-focus, hands-on concentration, place command, and also hands-on zoom, the lens through Samsung Dubai is actually made for basic suitable but effective make use of.

Superior-quality security photos are actually today on call along with the Samsung SLA-550DV CS-Mount Varifocal LensDubai This lens through Samsung Dubai showcases a vehicle eye feature, assisted by galvanometer. The feature creates that basic to catch high quality photos also in exceptionally altering lightweight atmospheres. The SLA-550DV lens insurance claims from self-focus and also place control features. The DC-iris function functionalities via a lens and also fastened cable. Furthermore, the SLA-550DV lens condition is actually latched when the energy gets out.

SamsungSLA-550DV CS-mount Varifocal Lens Features:

  • 1/3″ CCD
  • 410K pixel settlement
  • 5 to 50 mm central duration
  • 1: 1.3 to 360 max eye proportion
  • 8 x 3.6 (H x V) picture layout
  • Diagonal: 6.9 to 64.0 °
  • Horizontal: 5.6 to518 °
  • Vertical: 4.3 to392 °
  • Iris: Auto( F 1.3 towards360)
  • .

  • Focus:315″ towards immensity( 0.8 m towards immensity )
  • Zoom:10x(************ ).
  • 3 DC kind automotive eye
  • Varifocal5 ~50mm/ 0.2″ ~ 1.97″


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