Samsung SLA-880C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens Dubai

Samsung SLA-880 C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens Dubai

The Samsung SLA-880 C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens Dubai has a focal length of 8 – 80mm, is planned to be used with a 1/2″ and 1/3″ CCD sensor and offers 10x zoom. Auto Iris feature creates reliable video signals, and it corrects camera to changing light levels. The lens by Samsung Dubai operates in the 14 to 122°F temperature range.


SamsungSLA-880C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens


The SamsungSLA-880C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens Dubaiis actually made for usage along with the 1/2- in, 1/3-inch CCD sensing units and also provides 10 x zoom. This camera through Samsung Dubai device likewise showcases the car eye (video clip) attribute that is actually very pliable in generating routine video clip signs, and also sustains the camera to change setups based on swapping lightweight disorders. Additionally, the SLA-880lens is actually c-mount, and also functions in the temp series of 14 – 122 ° F.

The Samsung SLA-880Dubai is actually very easy to put up and also utilize, analyzing 670 gs along with a measurement measurements from 70 x 81 x 123.5 mm.The lens through Samsung Dubai uses a 10 x visual zoom and also possesses a central size from 8 ~80mm. The SLA-880through Samsung Dubai lens will definitely work coming from 14 ° to 122 ° F and also possesses integrated presets like car eye, which gives are composed video clip and also changes the camera for any sort of adjustments in lightweight amounts.

SamsungSLA-880C-mount Motorized Zoom Lens Features:

  • Auto iris: Video
  • 10x visual zoom, 8 ~ 80 mm/ 0.31″ ~ 3.15″
  • Video Type Auto Iris, C-mount 10 X Motorized zoom (f 8 ~ 80 mm)
  • Sharp and also crystal clear picture in reduced lighting along with F 1.2
  • Simple to put up and also change
  • Compatible along with 1/2-inch and also 1/3-inch CCD video cameras
  • 1/2″ and also 1/3″ CCD sensing unit
  • Mount Type: C-mount
  • f8 – 80 mm central size
  • Angle from View For 1/2″ Sensor:


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