SND-L6012 Dome CCTV Camera

Samsung SND-L6012 Dome IP CCTV Camera

Samsung SND-L6012 is a Network IP Dome CCTV Camera with 2 Mega Pixel  Support at 1920 x 1080 resolution. It Feature a 2.8 mm fixed lens with  h264, MJPEG dual codec, and multiple streaming.


Samsung SND-L6012  Dome IP Camera in Detail

Samsung SND-L6012  provide 1920 x 1080  resolution at 2 MP. It is a POE Supported IP Camera with micro SD or SDHC memory slot. It Features advance CCTV Technologies Like  Hallway view support (Rotate 90˚/270˚) and  LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction).

The SND-L6012 Dome Camera offers a 2.8  mm Fixed Lens.  It Can support Audio unidirectional with G.711 u-law / G.726 selectable G.726 (ADPCM) 8KHz, G.711 8KHz,  and G.726  Codec Support. The Application Programming Interface supports ONVIF Profile S/G,  and SUNAPI (HTTP API). Advance Features like Hallway view support (Rotate 90˚/270˚) and LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction) offered with this Dome CCTV Camera.

Hall View Support in SND-L6012

Traditional videos with horizontal form focus on unnecessary edges of an area in vertical-shaped areas such as corridors, tunnels, and passages, causing losses regarding storage and bandwidth. With the visualization, Hallway view in SND-L6012  creates images with an aspect ratio of 3: 4 and 9:16, which results in videos with portrait orientation that They maximize the quality of the image in narrow areas.

LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction) in Samsung SND-L6012

Samsung SND-L6012  also include  LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction). Lens Distortion typically appears in videos causing straight lines close to the edge to curve outwards. With Lens Distortion Correction technology, available on the WiseNet Lite series, imperfections in images are easily repaired.

Samsung SND-L6012 Specification

• Max. 2megapixel (1920 x 1080) resolution
• 2.8mm fixed lens
[email protected] (Color), [email protected] (B/W)
• 30fps@all resolutions (H.264)
• H.264, MJPEG dual codec, Multiple streaming
• Motion detection, Tampering, DWDR
• micro SD/SDHC memory slot, PoE
• Hallway view support (Rotate 90˚/270˚)
• LDC support (Lens Distortion Correction)


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